Jamie Johnson has been working as a

musician, producer and sound engineer

since the early 1990’s. 


As a house engineer at Phil Manzanera’s

(Roxy Music) Gallery Studio, he recorded with some of the world's leading musicians and producers, before becoming freelance in 1999.



P Weller 22 Dreams.jpeg
P Weller Wake Up The Nation.jpeg
P Weller Sonik Kicks.jpeg
P Weller Heavy Soul.jpeg
P Weller Heliocentric.jpeg
Robert Wyatt Shleep.jpeg
Robert Wyatt Cuckooland.jpeg
Robert Wyatt Comicopera.jpeg
R Wyatt Dondestan.jpeg
Wyatt Atzmon Stephen.jpeg
Robert Wyatt Drury Lane.jpeg
David Gilmour On An Island.jpeg
Bryan Ferry Olympia.jpeg
Sau Amb la lluna a l'esquena.jpeg
Michael Mantler Hide And Seek.jpeg
Lorien Under The Waves.jpeg
Monica Naranjo Minage.jpeg
Clearfield The Breaking Silence.jpeg
Ravi Korus.jpeg
Miyuki and Mick Taylor.jpeg
Halima Beneath The Sun.jpeg
Jim Diamond Souled and Healed.jpeg
Bird The Insides.jpeg
Paddy Milner Walking On Eggshells.jpeg
Phil Manzanera Vozero.jpeg
P Manzanera 6pm.jpeg
P Manzanera 50 Mins Later.jpeg
801 Latino Live.jpeg
P Manzanera Firebird.jpeg
The Boy Least Likely To Law of The Playground.jpeg
The Boy Least Likely To Perhaps.jpeg
Thea Gilmore Songs From The Gutter.jpeg
The Hall Effect.jpeg
Robi Draco Rosa Vagabundo.jpeg
Heroes Del Silencio.jpeg

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Working on numerous No 1 albums for artists including Paul Weller, Razorlight and David Gilmour,

he co-produced Robert Wyatt's Mercury nominated album ‘Cuckooland’ in 2004, and recorded and mixed Paul Weller's Mercury nominated album ‘Wake Up The Nation’ in 2010.



He has also recorded albums with some of Spain and South America's most successful artists including Heroes Del Silencio, Robi Draco Rosa and The Hall Effect.


Jamie began teaching guitar in 2012, before starting Music Club in the summer of 2014.

Get in touch via email or call Jamie on 07973 154908.