“Everybody should have and play a ukulele. I love them. Get yourself a few and enjoy yourselves.”

                                                                     George Harrison 1999 

The Ukulele really is a wonderful instrument.

It is relatively easy to pick up the basics but with practice, can become an extremely versatile and sophisticated instrument that's incredibly rewarding and fun to play.

Small and easy to carry around, relatively cheap to buy, and with it’s uniquely sweet sound, the ukulele makes a great first instrument for children and adults. 


While it certainly is a good preparation for kids who are maybe too young to start guitar, don't be fooled.....this is a great instrument in its own right.

Jamie’s Music Club teaches ukulele to children and adults individually and in groups, and also through

after school clubs in the Surrey area.


With a series of original worksheets and online tutorial videos, the clubs are proving very popular and a lot of fun.


If you are interested in tuition, or in getting a ukulele club started in your school then please get

in touch via email at:

We also visit schools, businesses, adult education centres and community groups with one off workshops, giving adults and children a chance to try this great little instrument, and to experience the rewards of playing music with eachother.


Workshops can be tailored to your needs, whether for a day or across a themed week, and for a variety of class sizes.

Get in touch via email or call Jamie on 07973 154908.

Download free ukulele chord box sheets

Download free ukulele tab sheets